The mission of Student Veterans Association at ASU Downtown is to serve student veterans through all phases of the transitioning process, those being transitioning out of the military, becoming a student, professional development and career opportunities after graduating.


To ensure this success, the Student Veterans Association as ASU Down focuses on Five Stars of Success to drive membership engagement: Academic Success, Professional Development, Social engagement, Community Outreach and Advocacy.


Through partnerships and sponsorships with local businesses and non-profits, the organization will host or support events aimed at developing student veterans’ skills and implementing both their military background and field of study in the practical workplace environment.


The organization will also host or sponsor social events to give student veterans opportunities to socialize and network with other veterans, students, local business owners and policy experts. The Student Veterans Association at ASU Downtown wants to show the civilian community that veterans believe in and support their local communities.


The organization will partner with other organizations to provide community service through projects that build and support the civilian and veteran communities alike.


Veterans face a number of policy-related issues, from exhausting Post 9-11 GI Bill benefits to a failing VA healthcare system. The Student Veterans Association at ASU Downtown will connect with local and national advocacy groups to provide its members with opportunities to attend events and voice their concerns and opinions about current or future policies.