Article I - Name

Section I The name of this club shall be the Student Veterans Association at ASU Downtown. The organization may also used the shortened name of DPC Vets. Section II This club is affiliated with the Student Veterans of America, the Tempe, Polytechnic, and West ASU veterans associations, and the ASU Alumni Association Veterans Chapter. Furthermore, this club will work with other regional and nationally recognized groups, clubs, and organizations which work with, promote or assist veterans.


Article II – Purpose

Section I The purpose of this organization will be to: 1. Provide information to members about the education benefits and opportunities available to them at ASU. 2. Provide a social peer network for members to communicate and meet with other individuals at ASU who share a common experience. 3. Match club members with employers who are looking to hire veterans. 4. Work with active duty units to assist soldiers, airmen, sailors, and marines to transition from active duty life to the civilian world. 5. Assist veterans in obtaining counseling or physical therapy that may be needed given their unique experiences. 6. Support members of the military who are currently deployed overseas, and those who have been wounded while in service of their country. 7. Work with other organizations such as The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that all opportunities and benefits are made known to those in the club. 8. Work with local, state, and national governments to promote and improve opportunities and benefits for veterans. 9. Participate in at least one service project per semester that will benefit the school and the local community.


 Article III – Membership

Section I All active duty service members and veterans of the military are welcome to be members of the club. All dependents of members of the armed forces are welcome to be members. Any individual who is not a veteran of the military nor a dependent of a member, but who supports and respects those who have served and wishes to be a member may join the club. Section II Any individual who wishes to join The Veterans Club must submit their name and student ID number to the secretary so that an accurate membership list may be kept. Any other contact information is voluntary and will only be used to inform members of meetings, elections, or service projects which the club is engaged in. Section III Association with the club is voluntary. There are no mandatory meeting requirements or service hours for members except those in a leadership position. Those in a leadership position must attend at least one meeting and project per semester or face removal from the leadership role. Section IV Membership may be terminated by a member with a written request that they be removed from the club list. Membership may be revoked from an individual for theft or mismanagement of club funds or property, acting in a manner which would bring discredit upon the club, or failure to meet the requirements of a leadership position.


Article IV – Officers

Section I The officers of this organization shall consist of: 1. President 2. Vice President 3. Treasurer 4. Secretary 5. Community Outreach Officer 6. Communication and Public Relation Specialist 7. Social Events Coordinator

1.The President will be responsible for presiding over meetings, working with ASU administration to further veteran benefits on campus, and establishing and promoting relations with outside groups to further the aims of the club. 2. The Vice President shall be responsible for administering elections and assume the responsibilities of the President should he or she be unable to perform the duties of the office. 3. The Treasurer will be responsible for managing the club budget. 4. The Secretary will be responsible for maintaining the club membership list, for keeping minutes during meetings, and notifying members of meeting dates. 5. The Community Outreach Officer will be responsible for planning and managing any service or community projects that the club engages in. 6. The Communication and Public Relations Officer will be responsible for engaging the media to promote the work being done by the club and maintaining the club’s social website. 7. The Social Events Coordinator will be responsible for coordinating social events for the club to include: ASU sporting events and special events at varying venues.

Section II Officers must be students at ASU and must be a veteran of the armedforces, or dependent of a veteran. Section III All officers must be in good academic and conduct standing. A student on academic or disciplinary probation may not hold office but may continue as a member. Section IV All offices shall be held for one year. Section V An officer who has been derelict in their duties may be removed from their position by a majority vote of the elected officers of the club. In the event of a tie, the student advisor will have the tie-breaking vote. Any elected officer may call for a vote during club meetings to remove an individual they feel has been derelict in their duties. If an officer has been found derelict, they will have 30 days to petition the club’s ruling in writing. At the next club meeting, the elected officials will again vote on the issue. A 3/4 majority must be obtained in order to reinstate a removed official.


Article V – Elections

Section I Elections shall be held once a year in the fall semester. Ballots will be submitted electronically through email. Any individual who wishes to run for a leadership position must submit their intent to run and which position they wish to run for at least two weeks before elections are held. Section II Elections will be held the first Monday in October. Should there be a vacancy in a leadership position due to graduation, resignation, termination, or other actions a special election shall be held no later than 45 days after the post is vacated. Candidates and the position they are running for will be posted on the club website.

Candidates will be afforded a post on the Facebook page with a picture and comment on their candidacy. All official members of the club are eligible to vote.


Article VI – Meetings

Section I Executive meetings shall be held on an as needed basis. Regular meetings of this club shall be held once a month. Per ASU student organization guidelines these meetings may not coincide with midterms or finals. The Secretary is responsible for notifying members of meetings. The Secretary will send an email to all members who have submitted their email address to the club. Also they will announce the next meeting time and date at the close of each monthly meeting. Section II The President shall be responsible for conducting the business of the club during monthly meetings. The meetings will be open to all members of the club. During each meeting, the President shall open the floor for members to address any issues they have. Should an issue be brought before the club which the leadership determines should be put before a vote, a ballot will be drawn up and submitted to the members of the club.


Article VII – Advisors

Section I There shall be one faculty/staff advisor who shall be member ex-officio with no voting privileges, except for in the case of a tie breaking vote to remove an officer from a leadership position. Section II The club officers shall vote during a private session on the acceptance of the faculty/staff advisor. The officers shall attempt to find a faculty/staff member who is either a veteran, dependent of a veteran, or who has actively promoted the advancement of veteran benefits in some capacity to fill the position of advisor. Section III The advisor shall assist the club officers to ensure that they act inaccordance with the rules and policies of the Board of Regents and the SORC. Help the officers set goals for the academic year. Attend meetings and projects or events the club is engaged in whenever possible. Receive and review monthly financial reports from the club treasurer. Be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the advisor as determined by the SORC.


Article IIV – Amendments

Section I The constitution may be amended by a 2/3 majority of voting members.

For an amendment to be passed at least 35 percent of the clubs total membership must vote on the amendment.




Signature of 1st officer                                     Title                                                 Date




Signature of 2nd officer                                   Title                                                  Date